Avail Top notch consultancy in green technologies with Peopla

PeoPla – “People for Planet”

Peopla was founded in response to the knowledge gap about sustainability among real estate industry practitioners.

Nobody learns to walk by following rules, People learn to walk by falling over. However falling over in projects is more than rubbing knees; it is costly and inefficient experience. Therefore, PEOPLA lined up some of the best consultants who can help guide you and make your project experience smooth and rewarding. PEOPLA consultants have spent more than 15 years working on more than 100 projects all over Canada and the US accumulating a wealth of experience that mitigates any risk of falling over.

Whatever the type and the size of your project – School or College, Commercial tower or Residential complex, Stadium or Hospital, Aquarium or research center, Sub Station or Transit center, low rise building or Olympic village - PEOPLA consultants and affiliates have hand on experience in similar projects.

Whatever the rating system you are targeting – Green Star of New Zealand and Australia, Estidama of Abu Dhabi, or LEED – PEOPLA consultants and affiliates got it all through hands on experience.

Whatever the sustainability lenses that you use - Life Cycle Assessment, Passivhaus, the Living Building Challenge and Regenerative Design – PEOPLA consultants and affiliates explored all these sustainability application in different projects.

Whatever the type and the size of your project, PEOPLA consultants and affiliates have hand on experience in similar projects:


Schools and Colleges.

Commercial towers.

Residential complex.

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Research centers.

Sub Stations.

Transit centers.

Low rise buildings.

Olympic villages.