Dubai Green Building Regulations

Dubai Green Building RegulationsMost of the countries decided to develop green building rating system similar the USGBC famous rating system – LEED. The GCC region is not different, the recent years witnessed the launch of Pearl rating system in Abu Dhabi and QSAS rating system in Qatar. Unlike others, the emirate of Dubai has chosen to develop minimal requirements for green buildings to be met rather than a rating system. So why Dubai authorities did prefer this path over the more traditional path of rating system development. The answer lies in “the cost of administration”.

The cost of administration is normally associated with the overheads needed for managing the rating system. In Dubai case, the cost of administration has additional component that is more significant than the traditional overheads costs. Dubai is a vibrant city that witness construction and development rates that are unprecedented anywhere on the planet. Despite the global crisis, Dubai continued its development in a relatively slower rate however it is still been considered as construction hub. Winning the EXPO2020, is another factor that requires further accelerating the development process with less than 5 years from the much-anticipated event. The administrative efforts that are required to match this acceleration are huge and most likely will result in serious delays and deficiencies. Balancing the need for sustainable development without impeding the development acceleration, Dubai municipality chose more lean approach towards greening Dubai development. By selecting the minimum requirement path as an alternative to the rating system path, Dubai will be able to meet its aggressive development target for EXPO202 without jeopardizing on its strategic direction of sustainable development.