LEED GA top courses

LEED GA Top CoursesThere has been growing interest in Sustainability and green building education in general and LEED certification in particular in the last few years. This interest among professionals is a reaction to the aggressive move of GCC government towards sustainability especially after the famous bill (198) issued in 13 Feb 2014 by Dubai municipality mandating the compliance with Dubai green building regulations on all the new buildings in the emirate.

There are many green buildings rating systems that has been launched and put into practice in the recent years such as Estidama in Abu Dhabi and Qsas in Qatar. However, It is not surprise that the professionals across the GCC decided to pursue internationally- accepted and widely-used rating systems such as LEED. Their decision is attributed to the fact that most of the professionals in the region are transient expats who are not originally from the region and therefore didn’t want to tie up their fortunes to specific country. Accordingly, LEED seemed the preferred option and its first level certificate LEED green associate appeared to be the best starting point.

There are few in-class based that are available in the region ranging in prices that starts from 1850 AED to 3500 AED. The selection criteria for the best course should prioritize the value of the course over any other parameter. The best value is to get more with less money. This is exactly what PeoPla LEED GA program offers. You don’t only get the LEED GA in-class course. You get access to Peopla Stduy guide in addition to PeoPla exam bank of 500 Questions via PeoPla world class exam simulator.In terms of figures, the in-class course will worth at least 1850 AED (based on the cheapest in-class LEED GA course in the region); add to that 700 AED – estimated value for LEED GA study guide based on different online resources; add to that additional 700 AED – estimated value for LEED GA exam simulator.The total fair value for PeoPla LEED GA program is 3250 AED however you get all this for just 2500 AED in UAE and even more affordable prices in different areas in the middle east.Therefore, PeoPla LEED GA exam preparation program represents the best value for starting a successful Green building education journey.

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