Get your name in LEED Top Trainees with training from Peopla

Many trainees are asking me frequently about the best preparation to pass LEED green associate exam from the first attempt. Although there is no specific prescription that guarantee passing the exam from first attempt, however there are key tips that will direct your efforts and can increase your success probability. Before going through these tips, I would like to highlight specific points about LEED GA exam that are critical in shaping your study plan.

First, USGBC does not expect the LEED GA exam taker to have in depth understanding of construction and building technologies and this is clear in the exam eligibility requirements that does not refer to any professional certification and simply link the eligibility to the exam taker age (18+).Accordingly, there is NO technical knowledge required for passing the LEED GA exam and therefore being an architect will not increase your fortunes over being a dentist if you don’t prepare reasonably for the exam.

Second, the LEED GA exam is expecting ZERO previous experience with green buildings and therefore being recently exposed to green buildings does not impact on your chances to pass the exam from the first attempt.

Although not directly related to the study plan, however these two points reflects the anticipated simplicity in the exam regardless of your background of level of experience compared to other exams. Therefore, 2 to 3 months duration with 2 to 3 hours daily study time is more than enough to successfully pass the exam. This Study intensity is reasonable for most of the working professionals allowing for balanced life style allowing time for work, gym, friends, and family. No only this, the duration is also making allowance for dedicating all the weekend – 2 days for the family and household duties.

In terms of study sequence, Peopla green institute LEED GA exam prep program is tailored to reward you with the best return on your invested time. Taking the 2 days (16 Hrs.) in-class course will give you holistic understanding about the topic taking you from point (0) to about (40%) of your preparation. Following the course by immediate study of Peopla study guide over the following 1.5 – 2 month should take your preparation further to about (80%).The sooner that you start reading the study guide after the in-class course, the better your understanding and absorption of the information will be. It is highly recommended not to move from the in-class course directly to the Peopla exam simulator without spending enough time on the study guide. This might have negative impact on your confidence level and might damage your preparation.

Finally, and once you feel that you are familiar with the study guide and the different chapters, you can move ahead to the final stage of the exam simulator which will complete the remaining (20%) of your preparation making you (100%) ready for taking and passing the exam from your first attempt. Make sure that you practice the exam for around 15 days. This will help in reinforcing your studies and memorizing many right answers for the 500+ questions that are likely to be repeated in the formal exam.