UAE among LEED Top 10 countries in 2015

UAE among LEED Top 10 countries in 2015

UAE among LEED Top 10 countries in 2015

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USGBC announced its 2015 list of the top countries for LEED ranking countries in terms of gross square meters and numbers of LEED projects to date.


The UAE increased its total amount of LEED-certified space by 72 percent over last year, and climbed from ninth place overall in 2014 to eighth overall in 2015.This achievement reflects UAE commitment to sustainable development signaled through the recent mandate of green building practices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Last year, Dubai municipality announced the mandatory application of its green building regulations on all the buildings in the emirate starting 1st march 2014.

The full ranking is as follows:

Rank Nation GSM of
space (million)
Total GSM of
and registered
space (millions)
Total number of
and registered
1 Canada 26.63 63.31 4,814
2 China 21.97 118.34 2,022
3 India 13.24 73.51 1,883
4 Brazil 5.22 24.50 991
5 Republic of Korea 4.81 17.47 279
6 Germany 4.01 8.42 431
7 Taiwan 3.84 9.08 149
8 United Arab Emirates 3.13 53.44 910
9 Turkey 2.95 23.74 477
10 Sweden 2.54 4.20 197
* United States 276.90 727.34 53,908


Given the amount of construction projects that are in the pipeline in Dubai as part of the preparations for EXPO 2020, PEOPLA expects UAE to continue climbing up the ranking and to be among the top 5 by 2020.

Read more about USGBC Top 10 countries for LEED in 2015 announcementhere:


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